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A Brief History

Audrey studied computer science and artificial intelligence at MIT and graduated during the 1.0 dot com bust - so she ended up on Wall Street for over a decade as a research analyst, trader, and investor.

In 2013, she decided she'd like to dust off her programming skills so enrolled in a Stanford Startup Engineering MOOC, where the final project was to create a Kickstarter clone and feature something. You "won" the leaderboard by Tweet mentions and amount of funding using a crazy new cryptocurrency called Bitcoin. Audrey started trading Bitcoin, initially to fund the project, and then realized she could trade the volatility like any other asset class. After doing sketchy things like depositing money into total strangers' bank accounts to acquire Bitcoin, Audrey considered mining - which would have been a smart move - too bad that didn't happen. As consolation, she finished #17 out of over 500 projects on the leaderboard despite still having a full time job on a trading floor at the time.

After founding 2 startups in food tech and genetics, Audrey started researching blockchain again ahead of the August 1 Bitcoin fork...

And decided to plunge back into the wonderful wild world of crypto, smart contracts, and ICOs.

Speaking Engagements

Audrey is honored to have been asked to speak at events such as Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Meetup, SVIAccelerator InsurTech Blockchain Bootcamp, Women in Blockchain, and Infinity Fireside Chats. For booking inquiries, please email or use the Contact Page.