DevCon3 - Cancun, Nov 1-4th 2017

DevCon3 - Cancun, Nov 1-4th 2017

DevCon3, the largest Ethereum developer conference of the year, was held in Cancun, Mexico from November 1-4, 2017. The sold out conference had over 2.5x the number of people as DevCon2, and featured many prominent individuals in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Some big themes from DevCon3: zkSNARKS, state channels, sharding, PoS (Proof of Stake).

DevCon3 Agenda and Livestream/Recordings

Here is the agenda for the 4 day conference:

If you would like to livestream from home, check out the Ethereum Foundation's YouTube channel. (Now that the event is over, you can watch the recorded videos at the same place.):

If you are actually in Cancun but don't have a conference ticket, you can stop by the Hard Rock cafe to co-work and network. They will be livestreaming sessions throughout the conference:

Recaps of the Conference

Thanks to David Burela for putting together these recaps by day. He includes suggestions for videos to watch, which are available on the Ethereum Foundation YouTube channel.

DevCon3 Day 1

DevCon3 Day 2

DevCon3 Day 3

DevCon3 Day 4


There are a ton of events around the conference. A partial listing of them is available here:


One very cool thing about being at DevCon3 is meeting all of the people from all over the world who traveled here to be a part of the community and conversation. Just last night, I met someone from South Africa who had to travel almost 50 hours total to attend. The varying countries and accents represented here is great and in line with the whole idea of decentralization. We even had a Women in Blockchain meetup, which while small, was larger than I expected!

A few photos from Cancun:

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