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East West Blockchain Conference - $100 off with MINEW100OFF

  • Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport (map)


East-West Blockchain Conference is the world’s first gathering that brings together the blockchain industry from both sides of the Pacific. Join us in hearing the latest insights on mining, exchanges, decentralized applications, regulatory environment, crypto investing, and much more.

Join us in witnessing the future, on December 10. More information please visit:


The Blockchain industry has had a tumultuous year. Bitcoin price breaks $7,000 and forked twice; total cryptocurrency market cap reaches $200B from $14B in January this year, over 14x increase in past 10 months; the China ICO ban shocked the global market, with US, Korean, and Russian governments also introducing increasing regulations...

China was previously a market leader, accounting for 1/3 of global crypto trading volumes, yet unfettered ICOs attracted regulatory scrutiny. As policymakers seek to reshape the industry according to their own agenda, what will leading miners and exchanges there do to survive and thrive in an uncertain regulatory environment?

As rumors spread of regulatory restrictions, technology and decentralized applications continue to evolve and advance.  Companies will discuss their latest advances and progress, and we’ll be able to hear the latest challenges and achievements made in the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.