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Crypto-Consciousness Conference 2017

Cryptocurrencies and other blockchain technologies might radically change the world, but how will they change us?

Any change to the systems that shape our world, must also impact our inner world - our beliefs, values, sense of identity and beyond.

This conference will bring some of the world’s leading thinkers in the space for a day of talks, open discussion, and expert-led breakout groups to explore how these emerging technologies might elevate consciousness and transform the human experience.

Here are some questions we'll be delving into:

-> How might cryptocurrency/blockchain technology impact individual and collective consciousness?
-> How would a global shift in how we exchange value alter our sense oftrust and connection to humanity?
-> How does the greed partly fueling the emerging industry impact the ecosystem, and alter what might emerge?
-> How does greed impact and alter the ecosystem?
-> Can we tie currency to psychological wellbeing or mental health?
-> What are the implications of the distribution of power, re-distribution of wealth, restructured political, organizational and econimic system?

The Crypto-Consciousness Conference aims to set the stage for an ongoing conversation and community, pondering how these emerging technologies might influence the heart and soul of humanity.

10am: Optional Blockchain Crash Course - for those that need a primer
10am: Registration Begins
10:30am: Welcome & Intro w/ Mikey Siegel and Josh Whiton
11am: Idea Masterminding / Group Discussion
11:15am: Panel of Crypto Experts
12:30pm: Lunch
2pm: Talks with Experts
4pm: Expert-led Breakout Sessions
5:45pm: Final Remarks
6pm: End

SPEAKERS (more announced soon!!):

Bill Melton is the founder of several notable companies, including VeriFone, GIV Global Private Equity, and Cybercash Inc. Bill has been an entrepreneur building global technology companies for more than 30 years. Mr. Melton was a founding investor of Transaction Network Services Inc. Mr. Melton holds a Master's degree in Asian Studies and Chinese Philosophy.

Dor Konforty is founder of Synereo, and an expert on decentralized organizational principles with many years of experience in the space. Has a master’s degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv University, working on neural networks, and knows what makes distributed economies flow -- whether they’re based on neurotransmitters or cryptocurrencies. 

Max Brody is co-founder & CEO of Cent ( - a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain that allows anyone to earn cryptocurrencies by answering the questions of others.

Josh Whiton is an investor focused on the increase and elevation of consciousness. He is the founder of TransLoc, which garnered an award from the White House for it’s impact on mass transit. His writings on cryptocurrencies Money is a Neurotransmitter span back to 2015.

Noah Thorp is CEO/Founder at CoMakery, a platform that helps modern tribes to thrive through token economies. Previously, he co-founded a holacratic blockchain innovation prototyping studio, was VP of Engineering at Nasdaq Private Market, and ran a record label where he wrote algorithmic music and pressed obscure records on thick Czechoslovakian vinyl. 

Toni Lane Casserly is an artrepreneur in the Digital Currency and Blockchain Industry who co-founded CoinTelegraph and the virtual blockchain nation, VNATION. Miss Lane erves as an advisor to several notable companies, funds and family offices, including SingularityU, The United Nations, HSBC, Bosch, Cicso, P&G.