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ICO's are dead! Fundraising in a post ICO world (Free)

  • DocuSign 221 Main St #1000 San Fransico ,CA USA (map)

ICO's skyrocketed in 17 and grew even further in '18 but in the latter half of the year we saw a steep decline in the # of ICO's. With few ICO's being profitable and a misalignment between investors buying tokens and communities wanting to use the token do ICO's have a future and if not what are the alternatives?

Mike Zajiko from Coinlist
--Mike is the head of sales at CoinList where he works with the top blockchain projects, helping them to address their fundraising and compliance needs. Prior to CoinList, Mike ran a team at Facebook focused on mobile gaming and draws in on that experience to advise projects on incentive mechanisms and growth opportunities. Mike is an advisor at the AlphaLab Startup incubator in his hometown of Pittsburgh but is base in San Francisco.

Arianna Simpson from Autonomous Partners
--Arianna Simpson is the founder and Managing Director of Autonomous Partners, an investment fund focused on cryptocurrencies and digital assets. She is also an active angel investor and venture partner at Crystal Towers Capital, an early-stage VC fund which she and her partner launched in 2015. Prior to Crystal Towers, Arianna spent time working in sales and product roles at Facebook and BitGo, an enterprise security company for bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Kadeem Clarke from 8 Decimal Capital
Kadeem Clarke is a finance professional, entrepreneur, and cryptocurrency trader. He received a degree in Business Management with a concentration in finance from Boston University. Following graduation, he worked for Merrill Lynch in the Commercial Banking space where he gained valuable knowledge of the traditional banking space. Currently, Kadeem is the Investment Manager at 8 Decimal Capital and also runs a marketing and web development business named Clarke Global Marketing.

Serra Angel Wei from AegisCo Capital Management LLC
--Serra had over 15 years of investments, research and private equity experiences before founding AegisCo Capital Management LLC whose focus is to create qualified custodian for institutional investors that will provide a secure and compliant way to invest into the rapidly growing multi-billion-dollar digital assets markets. Prior to that Serra was an equity research analyst in technology group at Goldman Sachs. She also worked for a US$5 billion cross-over funds called QVT Financial LP and was responsible for their research and investments in global technology sectors. Ms. Wei is also a cyprto investor at Passport Capital with a focus on blockchain fund of funds (FoF) and direct ICO investments.