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BLK 101 : Blockchain Fundamentals & Basic Cryptography (Free)

  • Lincoln University San Francisco CA 94118 United States (map)

| Interactive Workshop

What makes Blockchain technology so secure? Learn what backs a decentralized digital ledger and why we trust it to store billions of dollars worth of value.

When Blockchain technology first emerged, it solved two major hurdles preventing digital currency from truly taking off: the Double Spend problem and the Byzantine General's problem. The basis of this solution is Cryptography, the art of formulating and solving codes.

In this hands-on workshop you will dive into the basic cryptographic principles that power Blockchain technology. Discover what miners are computing, and cover Blockchain terms like hashing, nonces, merkle trees, and consensus algorithms. Develop a strong understanding of the fundamental principles of a Blockchain, and learn how different Blockchains approach the same security problems in unique ways. 

| Audience:

This workshop is designed for people who are new to the Blockchain industry, curious entrepreneurs looking to get into ICO's and Blockchain technology, and anyone who wants to gain a stronger understanding of the inner workings of a Blockchain.

| Key Takeaways:

- Hashing, mining, and Blockchain computations

- Power of Merkle trees

- Fundamentals of cryptographic security in Blockchains

- Understand the Byzantine General's and Double Spend problems, and how they were solved

- Consensus algorithms and how they work

- Learn about solutions such as Lightning Network and Plasma that are being developed to speed up Blockchains to match traditional Visa/MC Transaction speeds