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Crypto{graphy, currency} feat. snarkside chats : SF #DevWeek

  • 111 New Montgomery St 111 New Montgomery Street San Francisco, CA 94105 United States (map)

Join us on the 2nd night of SF #DevWeek for an evening of cryptography + cryptocurrency with experts in these fields.

About this Event

Calling all Cryptography and Blockchain buffs to join this gathering celebrating this year's #DevWeek - a perfect way to warm up for the Blockchain Day action on Friday.

Coda Protocol is bringing together a powerhouse panel at Coda HQ to drill into the most compelling topics, including Zaki from Tendermint, Jackson from The Graph, Ronen from Dekrypt Capital / Blockchain At Berkeley, as well as Izaak, Brandon and Vanishree from Coda Protocol.

Why are we doing this? Cryptography is the backbone to the blockchain industry, and where this technology is headed warrants discussion and collaborative action. We want to bring together some of the foremost experts applying cryptography toward building decentralized networks and dig into what the future of this industry is shaping up to be.

We will kick off the evening with a 'snarkside chat' followed by plenty of time for everyone to quiz the panel, each other, and bond over good food, drinks and elliptic curves ;)

This is a chance for you to get into crypto{graphy + currency} mode, jam with some like-minded developers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds, and discover what 2019 and beyond has to offer in the exciting field of cryptography. You will be able to listen to, debate, discuss and hang out with fellow great minds in the industry.


6pm: Doors open + networking with food + drinks

6.40: Welcome from Coda Community

6.45pm-7.15pm: Panel :The Future of Cryptography, moderated by Brandon Kase (Protocol Engineer, Coda)

Izaak Meckler: Coda (CTO), Vanishree Rao: Coda (Cryptographer), Jon Allen: Dekrypt Capital (Co-founder), Jackson Blazensky: The Graph (Researcher) , Zaki: Tendermint (Cryptography/Game of Stakes leader)

7.15pm-7.30pm : Q+A : the chance to interrogate the panel on their cryptographic predictions

7.30-9pm: networking and more food + drinks

9pm: wrap up !



* Brandon Kase is a Protocol Engineer at Coda and loves functional programming. He was first introduced to it while pursuing his BS in computer science at Carnegie Mellon. He has worked as a software engineer for Highlight (acquired by Pinterest), Pinterest, Facebook, and Mozilla. Brandon is excited about the safety and clarity strong statically typed functional programming techniques can bring to the software industry. He also enjoys proselytizing, so you may find him speaking at a conference near you.


* Izaak Meckler is CTO at Coda, mathematician and computer scientist. Most recently, he was a PhD student studying cryptography at UC Berkeley. Prior to that, he worked as a software engineer at trading firm Jane Street, and has contributed to numerous open source projects including the Elm compiler.


* Vanishree Rao is a theoretical and applied cryptographer with deep experience in industry and academia. She earned her PhD at UCLA through her work on zk-proofs, multiparty computation, hashing, and pseudorandom functions, among other projects. She then worked in industry at Xerox PARC and Intertrust Technologies. Vanishree enjoys developing cryptographic solutions for real-world challenges and communicating intuitive explanations of complex cryptography concepts.


* Zaki Manian is the master of testnets and mainet launch for imminent Cosmos launch. He organized the first incentivized adversarial testnet in Game of Stakes. He is an expert in cryptography and distributed systems.


* Jackson Blazenksy is a Protocol Researcher at The Graph and is focused on the use of zero-knowledge-proof protocols to provide additional verifiability and scalability to the Graph Protocol. He has a background in mathematics and cryptography from UCSB.


* Jon Allen the cofounder of Dekrypt Capital, the premier blockchain investment firm for privacy-preserving protocols and early-stage ventures where he mentors and invests in teams.



* Tendermint builds software for high-value public blockchains like the Cosmos Network. The team consists of world class software developers, researchers and network operators.


* The Graph is building scalable queries for a decentralized future because they've seen the challenges in getting data off blockchains. The team envision The Graph as a truly decentralized ecosystem where the community can collaborate on curating quality data sources available to all. Together we can build a new generation of the web free from data silos and monopolies.


* Dekrypt Capital is a leading investment firm focused on blockchain infrastructure, privacy-preserving technologies, and early-stage ventures. We invest in, mentor, and accelerate teams developing novel solutions to address the core issues of scalability, privacy, and interoperability for decentralized protocols and applications.


* Coda is the first cryptocurrency protocol with a constant-sized blockchain. Coda compresses the entire blockchain into a tiny snapshot the size of a few tweets. That means that no matter how many transactions are performed, verifying the blockchain remains inexpensive and accessible to everyone. The backend to Coda Protocol hinges on Snarky