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Blockchain Common Knowledge Bites & Crypto Friday Happy Hour (Free)

  • OnePiece Work - Palo Alto 824 San Antonio Road Palo Alto, CA, 94303 United States (map)


Join us this Friday night for some Common Knowledge Bites about blockchain!

If you cannot come, use this zoom link for presentations: (starting 6:20pm)


6:00-6:20pm Check-in & Say hi


Ethereum & Smart Contracts

Speaker: Yucong Sun, ABC Blockchain Community

Yucong is running an educational program at ABC Blockchain Community, previously he worked at Huobi and Google, and as technical lead at several startups.



Baits on the Blockchain: Smart Contract Honeypots

In addition to the black and white hats offensive and defensive struggles, a group of grey hat hackers began to make contract honeypots and used obvious false loopholes to anti-hackers. This lecture is a walkthrough of innovative honeypot techniques.

Speaker: Lee Ting Ting (Tina Lee)

Lee Ting Ting is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and co-founder/CTO of Turing Chain. Meanwhile, she is a technical writer with around 3k subscribers worldwide on Medium, writer of HackerNoon, and the co-organizer of Taipei Ethereum Meetup since 2017.

Speaker: Hu Yao-Chieh (Jeff Hu)

Jeff is currently a research scholar at UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab and CEO of Turing chain. Jeff has published three blockchain papers in ACM, IEEE and CPE journal, awarded with best paper in ACM CryBlock’18



Blockchain Data Growth, State Rent & the Nervos Approach

As the blockchain supports more users, the operating cost of a node grows, less nodes are run, and security is reduced. This is the classic ‘tragedy of the commons’: benefits to individuals reduce benefits to all. In this topic, we will discuss the problems caused by an ever-growing blockchain, currently proposed solutions in ETH 1.x and how this challenge addressed in Nervos.

7:10-7:30pm Blockchain Data Growth & State Rent

Speaker: Matt Quinn

Matt has run blockchain educational meetups for the last 2+ years. As one of the founders of the Starfish community, he is focused on supporting people and open-source projects with informative blockchain events, outreach and writing.

7:30-7:50pm Nervos Common Knowledge Bytes

Speaker: Kevin Wang

Co-founder, token-economics researcher at Nervos. Prior to Nervos, Kevin co-founded Launch School, an online developer education platform, Kevin comes from an engineering background and previously worked on enterprise data solutions at IBM Silicon Valley Lab.



Topic tbc

Speaker: Emin Gün Sirer

Emin is a Turkish-American computer scientist. He is currently an associate professor of computer science at Cornell University, co-director of IC3. Co-founder of Ava Labs and BloXroute.


8:10-9:30pm Happy Hour!

The event is co-hosted by:

Nervos Network

Nervos is building infrastructure for the decentralized economy with a layered architecture. The layer 1 protocol of the Nervos Network is the Common Knowledge Base (CKB), an open, public and Proof of Work based blockchain. The CKB provides store of assets and value, and serves as anchor of trust for layer 2s with unlimited scalability.

ABC Blockchain Community

ABC was founded by a group of Google engineers and soon evolved into a technical community for engineers, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and other blockchain enthusiasts to collaborate on blockchain technology advancement.